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First Responder Exemptions

Totally and Permanently Disabled Florida First Responder and Surviving Spouse Exemption F.S. 196.102

Any real estate that is owned and used as a homestead by a person who has a total and permanent disability as a result of an injury or injuries sustained in the line of duty while serving as a first responder in this state or during an operation in another state or country authorized by this state or a political subdivision of this state is exempt from taxation if the first responder is a permanent resident of this state on January 1 of the year for which the exemption is being claimed.

To apply:

  1. File the Application for disabled first responder injured in the line of duty. pdf
    Applications are due by March 1st of the year application is made.
  2. Submit the completed First Responder's Employer Certificate of Injury pdf
  3. Submit the following:

This tax exemption carries over to the unremarried surviving spouse with legal or equitable title and homestead exemption on the property.