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Agricultural Classification


An official application pdf for agricultural classification of land must be completed and submitted to the Property Appraiser's office PRIOR to March 1 of the year an owner first applies for the classification. The application is verification to the county that the owner is using the property primarily for commercial agricultural purposes. Once approved, applications are automatically renewed from year to year. If the application is denied, you will receive a certified letter in the mail by July 1st. It is the obligation of the property owner to contact us if the qualification status changes.


If there is a homesite located on the property applying for an agricultural classification, the home and the acre it sits on are NOT eligible for this classification. The owner can obtain a homestead exemption pdf if it is the owner's primary residence.

General Information

All applications will be inspected by our field appraisers to verify use of property and to ensure the property is appraised properly. There may be additional information requested from the property owner to determine eligibility. In addition to the specific information shown in our guidelines, we also consider the following types of information:

  • Purchase price paid;
  • Size, as it relates to specific agricultural use;
  • Whether there has been an effort to care sufficiently and adequately for the land as it pertains to the agricultural endeavor. This includes but is not limited to fertilizing, tilling, mowing, reforesting, and other accepted agricultural practices;
  • Whether such land is under lease, and if so, the effective length, terms, and conditions of the lease. The Property Appraiser has the right to remove the classification from land if the property is no longer being utilized for an agricultural purpose.


When a property is leased for agricultural purposes, the same rules apply to the classification. It is the ultimate responsibility of the owner to make sure the lessee is complying with all laws that govern the agricultural classification. The owner needs to submit the lease in its entirety with a lease income form.pdf
If the lease changes, it is the responsibility of the property owner to report it to the Property Appraiser.

More Information

For more information, please feel free to contact our Agriculture Department at:

Volusia County Property Appraiser
Agricultural Department
2742-A Enterprise Rd
Orange City, FL 32763

Phone: 386-775-5228

Click here for the Agricultural Classification Form pdf
Click here for the Late Filing for Agricultural Classification Letter pdf