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Property Tax Estimator

In order to benefit from a property tax exemption, you must meet the eligibility criteria and apply at one of our office locations. For more information about exemption eligibility and requirements, please goto our exemptions page.

To see your estimate, fill out the form and scroll down to the bottom of the page and it will be in the yellow box.

Select your area:

(Rates based on 2023 Final Millage)

Market Value or Sale Price

3 Year Portability

Enter your previous Florida property's just value:

Enter your previous Florida property's assessed value:

Total Estimated Property Tax Amount:
$0 *

* This estimate does not include any non-ad valorem fees that may be applicable (such as storm water, solid waste, etc.)

* This calculator is intended to provide an estimate of the ad valorem taxes only. This estimate should not be relied upon as a definitive determination of annual taxes.